Take good care of your skin

Your skin is well hydrated and cared for with MIRATI.


Your skin is a complex system vital for your overall health and well being.

Among other things, skin helps to regulate your body temperature, defends your body from external factors, protects from water-loss, produces vitamin D and gives you the sensation of touch.

 A well cared for skin means a healthy lifestyle, well being and, of course, beauty.

Dry skin

Dry skin is common and is often caused by extreme climates, sun rays, chemicals that we come in contact with, hard water, soaps and detergents.

It is important to keep your skin healthy and moisturized. Dry skin is more prone to ageing and wrinkles; dry skin weakens the immune system, rashes and red spots may appear, also in extreme cases, the skin can crack, bleed and peel-off and itch severely.

When a layer of hydrolipids and fatty acids in your outer skin (epidermis) is reduced, water escapes from the skin’s surface, causing it to dry, damage and lose its softness. Maintaining the correct water levels is therefore essential for those whose skin is prone to dry. Moisturizing cosmetic products are essential because they support the hydro-lipid film layer that holds water in the skin.

MIRATI and your skin

Our cosmetics are made from a unique combination of ghee, antioxidants, natural ingredients and essential oils all tailored to ensure that your skin is adequately moisturized, regenerated and restored.

You won't find among the ingredients any synthethic fragrances, foaming agents or phthalates all of which are common in most mainstream cosmetics and have been found to cause damage to skin and body.

We recommend using a combination of our products daily for best effect. 

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