What kind we use and why

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: After use all MIRATI packaging can be safely recycled. 

E.g. typically pumps are made up of two or even more materials. This multi material components are usually plastic, metal (such as aluminium) and therefore cannot be recycled unless they are separated. We don't use pressurised containers and don't have extraction systems so our packaging can be 100% safely recycled.


INNOVATIVE: Innovative and eco-friendly tubes which don't change shape. They contain a bag inside which:

- is airless,

- keeps the content fresh longer,

- helps you extract more content than conventional tubes.

EFFECTIVE: The most effective use is marked on the back of the product with a yellow drop, with a sign saying PRESS HERE.

AIRLESS: When squeezing the marked drop the cream comes out, and thus the bag inside the tube ensures that air cannot penetrate the interior.

HYGENIC: The Body Lotion bottle is also fully recyclable and made with 50% less plastic than analogs. Made in similar way as tubes, it contains a airless bag, maintaining your lotion fresh for longer.

Mirati natural cosmetics require special attention for product storage:

- Do not keep it in a warm place and in direct light, but in a dark spot.

- Not recommended to pour into other packaging.

- Correct use and consistency in keeping the packaging closed.

- Observe the expiration date.


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