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Taking good care of your hands

Natural ingredients, Ghee butter, organic Aloe vera, and orange fruit essential oil give your hands the nourishment and protection they need. Generous pack yet perfect size to carry around.

  • Intensely moisturizing & nourishing
  • Protecting & soothing
  • With Ghee & antioxidants


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Hand Cream + Hand Cream

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2x MIRATI Hand Cream

MIRATI Hand Cream brings you a unique combination of organic Ghee, organic Aloe vera, and Orange Fruit essential oil. The formula is crafted to moisturize and protect your hands against the effects of weather, hard water, soaps, detergents and other external factors. 

Innovative, patented and eco-friendly tube design keeps your cream fresh and helps you extract more cream than from conventional tubes. 

Ingredients are natural or derived from natural sources. Products in line with Ecocert Greenlife standard.


27,80 €

Dermatologically approved

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Parabens, Phthalates, SLS, synthetic fragrance

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Animal test free

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Developed in Slovenia

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Environmentally friendly packaging

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Dry skin on the hands

What causes dry skin?

Skin of the hands is prone to dry for various reason, but mainly because hands, compared to other body parts, mostly frequently come into contact with things that damage the skin’s surface. 

In all seasons of the year taking care of your skin is important. Skin on your hands in exposed to daily to all sorts of environmental factors – hot air, sun, wind, cold – all of which may cause skin dehydration and ultimately cracked skin.

Other leading causes of skin dehydration are frequent washing of the hands with hot water, using chemically aggressive soaps and detergents which damage the epithelium.

Hormonal changes, ageing and certain medication are also known to effect skin’s condition.

How does skin become dry?

Skin is our body’s natural barrier from the environment. Skin is roughly made up of two layers: the upper layer – epidermis, and the lower layer – dermis. Lipids in the epidermis fill the spaces between other cells acting as a sort of cement and barrier. If the number of lipid cells is reduced (for example they are washed-off with hard soap) skin lets out more fluid than necessary causing the skin to dry. Skin is especially prone to dehydration during the cold months. Dehydrated skin on the hands becomes sensitive, aged and hard on the touch.

How to care for dry skin?

For your daily hand washing routine it is recommended to use pH neutral soaps, neutrally warm water, hand creams and lotions. Have the cream easily accessible near the places where hands are washed – in the bathroom, kitchen and the purse. Most hand creams are packed in sizes which are easy to carry around.

Your hands will be grateful if you pamper them with weekly peeling. A good peeling can help removes dead cells from the epidermis and may actually only take a minute of your time. 

Wet your hands, shake off  a spoon-full of sugar on to the hands. Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice on each hand; rub the hands well against each other. Lemon juice is a natural cleansing agent and a great source of vitamin C. To your peeling, you may also add coconut butter, almond or olive oil which will help speed up skin’s natural repair and rejuvenation. After rubbing the hands against each other wash the ingredients off with warm water and nurture them with rich and moisturizing hand cream. This peeling will be a healthy solution using ingredients easily available in every house.

MIRATI Hand Cream is a combination of organic Ghee butter, organic Aloe Vera and orange essential oil. It is designed to protect your hands against elements of weather, soaps, detergents and other external factors which dry the skin. Cream’s great texture ensures quick absorption while further moisturizing, nourishing and sustaining the skin of the hands.

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