Day Cream

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Nourishing cream with infatuating aroma

Skin’s perfect companion for the day. Natural ingredients, enriched with Ghee butter, organic Aloe vera and honeysuckle essential oil offers the protection and confidence your skin needs in the morning.

  • Intensely moisturizing & nourishing
  • Protecting & soothing
  • With Ghee & antioxidants


24,90 €

Day Cream + Face Wash

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Perfect hydrating morning routine

Step 1: CLEANSING with MIRATI Face Wash

You will be pleasantly surprised by the unique texture and density of MIRATI Face Wash. Natural ingredients, organic Aloe Vera and lemon essential oil will help keep your face well hydrated and refresh. 

Step 2: MOISTURIZING with MIRATI Day Cream

MIRATI Day Cream based on organic Ghee, organic Aloe vera and honeysuckle essential oil. The cream is perfectly suited for nourishing your skin while enveloping you in the most pleasant aromatic experience. Enriched with vitamin E the cream also carries anti-oxidizing properties that your skin needs for protection. 

Ingredients are natural or derived from natural sources. Products in line with Ecocert Greenlife standard.


42,80 €

Dermatologically approved

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Parabens, Phthalates, SLS, synthetic fragrance

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Animal test free

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Developed in Slovenia

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Environmentally friendly packaging

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Sensitive skin

What causes the skin to be sensitive?

Really sensitive skin is a rare occurrence. Sensitive skin has a lower tolerance to various factors and is more prone to be affected by irritants and stress. Such skin contains less normal fat than normal skin, it is thinner and does not function as a fully effective barrier leading to water loss, irritation and dryness. Sensitive skin can also react to substances which are not normally irritant to a normal skin type. 

Indeed, sensitive skin is more prone to react to different cosmetic procedures, polluted air, temperature and weather conditions, mental and physical stress, nutrition (for example spicy food), alcohol consumption and smoking. With age skin also begins to thin, its protective function reduced and it becomes more sensitive.

What characterizes sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is most usually genetic. It is always dry and prone to easy irritation, flaking, itching, wrinkling and stinging. Most commonly people with blond or red hair are the ones having sensitive skin type.

Sensitive skin of some may be prone to constant uncomfortable sensations like rashes or red spots. The skin reacts easily to detergents, acids or alcohol and is prone to be irritated by sun as well as some cosmetic products for the face. Of course a certain reaction of the skin does not mean that the skin is sensitive, some ingredients simply do not fit certain skin. Selecting cosmetics which are right for an individual is therefore always a very personal thing.

How to care for sensitive skin?

Regardless of whether the skin has always been sensitive or has become so over time, it requires special care and attention. To nourish the sensitive upper layer you need to select a special moisturizing day cream for sensitive skin. To cleanse the skin it is safest to use alcohol-free cosmetics, avoid hard detergents, synthetic fragrances, emulsifiers and other known skin-damaging substances (for example parabens and phthalates). Products have to be made with light oils, calming active ingredients such as panthenol, aloe vera etc. Please keep in mind that tap water usually contains limestone that may come through the thinned upper layer of skin and dry and irritate the skin.

It is recommended for people with sensitive skin to avoid strong sun and apply appropriate UV-protecting cosmetics. It is best to avoid consuming alcohol, strong spices, coffee, fizzy drinks especially in stressful life periods. Before starting to fully use any new cosmetic product on sensitive skin, it is important that the user first tries it out on a small part of the skin. 

A unique combination of Ghee, organic Aloe Vera, vitamin E and essential oil of Honeysuckle in MIRATI Day Cream help to nourish and hydrate the skin, offering an entirely satisfying feel and prolonged shield throughout the day. Soft texture of the cream will calm and nourish the skin offering it a lasting daily protection.

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