Day Cream

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Nourishing cream with infatuating aroma

Skin’s perfect companion for the day. Natural ingredients, enriched with Ghee butter, organic Aloe vera and honeysuckle essential oil offers the protection and confidence your skin needs in the morning.

  • Intensely moisturizing & nourishing
  • Protecting & soothing
  • With Ghee & antioxidants


24,90 €

Day Cream + Face Wash

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Perfect hydrating morning routine

Step 1: CLEANSING with MIRATI Face Wash

You will be pleasantly surprised by the unique texture and density of MIRATI Face Wash. Natural ingredients, organic Aloe Vera and lemon essential oil will help keep your face well hydrated and refresh. 

Step 2: MOISTURIZING with MIRATI Day Cream

MIRATI Day Cream based on organic Ghee, organic Aloe vera and honeysuckle essential oil. The cream is perfectly suited for nourishing your skin while enveloping you in the most pleasant aromatic experience. Enriched with vitamin E the cream also carries anti-oxidizing properties that your skin needs for protection. 

Ingredients are natural or derived from natural sources. Products in line with Ecocert Greenlife standard.


42,80 €

Dermatologically approved

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Parabens, Phthalates, SLS, synthetic fragrance

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Animal test free

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Developed in Slovenia

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Environmentally friendly packaging

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Dry skin

Causes of dry skin?

Dry skin is the result of multiple factors. Environment plays a major role - excessive exposure to sunlight in the summer and use of air conditioning; cold temperature and winds as well as dry and heated indoor environments are known to cause the skin to dry. Prolonged contact with hot water, frequent use of hard soaps, face washes and other detergents can damage the skin causing reduction in the number of fat naturally deposited in the skin ultimately causing dryness. Dry skin can also be the result of sport activities, sauna, unbalanced diet, hormonal changes, taking certain medication, genetic predisposition. Most commonly a combination of the above factors can be attributed to dry skin.

How does the skin become dry?

Dry skin partially lacks natural fats (lipids) which act as a shield and a moisture retention layer. With decreased number of lipids the skin loses its elasticity, natural shine, while the upper layer begins to flake. Dry skin also weakens the immune system with a possibility to cause rashes, red spots and, in rare cases, intense itching and bleeding. Dry skin is more permeable to toxic substances.

Usually with age the skin stores less natural fat and therefore becomes thinner and can only maintain a lower moisture level leading to overall dry skin. With age skin needs more nourishing and moisturizing care that deliver sufficient nutrients and ensure proper level of hydration.

How to care for dry skin?

It is recommended to use moisturizing cosmetics that cover the skin with a protective layer. A protective layer not only delivers the needed nutrients but also helps keep a required level of  water in the skin ensuring appropriate hydration. Once weekly perform a facial peeling that will help unclog pores, remove dead cells from the upper skin layer (epithelium) and encourage rejuvenation on skin cells. After the peeling apply a face mask and finish with a moisturizing and nourishing cream.

A unique combination of Ghee, organic Aloe Vera, vitamin E and essential oil of Honeysuckle in MIRATI Day Cream help to nourish and hydrate the skin, offering an entirely satisfying feel and prolonged shield throughout the day. 

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