Cookies are encrypted data files sent from web servers to your browser and stored on your computer. Cookies are frequently used by websites such as ours to ensure you get the best browsing experience possible. For example, our cookies help to recognize you the next time you visit and remember your settings such as which products you have added to your wish list and/or shopping card, which language do you prefer, have you logged into your account immediately and so on. Our cookies themselves do not store any of your personal data.

Cookies have an expiry period, meaning that after a pre-determined amount of time the cookie will be automatically deleted from your computer. Through your browser settings, you can change which cookies are being stored on your computer and also for how long. Disabling cookies completely may affect how you experience our website.

We use the following cookies: 

guest_id, pid Twitter This cookie is used to identify you on twitter, if you do not have a twitter account or never accessed the website directly then twitter will assign you a unique code to track your visit to the Twitter feed. 2 years
act, datr, c_user, csm, fr, lu, s, xs, p, presence, act, x_src, sub, _e-0brc-0, dpr, presence Facebook We use the Facebook Like button to integrate our website with our page on In doing so this causes some cookies to be created by Facebook that detect the number of "likes" and whether you are logged into Facebook or not. 2 years
khcookie SSID, SID, SAPISID,
LSID, HSID, gmail_rtt, GAPS,
ACCOUNT_CHOOSER Google + Google + uses these cookies to identify the users and for statistic purposes. 2 years
_utmz Google Google Analytics: Tracking the path of visitors through the website and identifying returning visitors. Statistics derived from this information help us identify how well certain pages and aspects of the site perform, and where we can make improvements to help visitors access the information they need more quickly and with less hassle. From 30 min to 2 years
__atuvc, UID, UIDR, di2, dt, loc, uid, uit Addthis These cookies are created and read by the AddThis social sharing site JavaScript on the client side in order to make sure the user sees the updated count if they share a page and return to it before our share count cache is updated. No data from that cookie is sent back to AddThis and removing it when disabling cookies would cause unexpected behaviour for users. 2 Years
Callback, utoken Yotpo Review These cookies are used for Yotpo Review plugin, which enhances our website with the possibility for user to share their experience with our product. 2 years
_sp_id.f3b5, _sp_ses.f3b5 Mirati We use these cookies for internal statistics and for user login purposes. 2 Years
D016c4f59c9c5afccdfacac7a5eaeabb Mirati We use these cookies for internal statistics and for user login purposes. 1 day
cookie_ue Mirati We use a cookie to simply store the fact that you have clicked the Accept button on the cookie policy notification that appears at the bottom of the site. 1 year
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