Body Lotion

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Body gratification with care it deserves

Ghee butter, Aloe Vera, Honeysuckle essential oil and other natural ingredients blended together perfectly into your new favorite lotion.

  • Intensely moisturizing and soothing
  • Nourishing and protecting
  • With Ghee and antioxidants


23,90 €

Body Lotion + Body Wash

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Perfect everyday BODY care

Step 1: SHOWERING with MIRATI Body Wash

Moisturize your skin and refresh your senses with MIRATI Body Wash. Made with organic Aloe vera and lemon essential oil. Its tender formula ensures that your skin is moisturized and soft even after bath.

Step 2: SOOTHING with MIRATI Body Lotion

MIRATI Body Lotion is a blend of organic Ghee, organic Aloe vera and Honeysuckle essetial. The Lotion hydrates, softens and nourishes your skin, while extra vitamin E provides anti-oxidizing effect.

Ingredients are natural or derived from natural sources. Products in line with Ecocert Greenlife standard.


34,80 €

Dermatologically approved

Dermatologically approved text

Parabens, Phthalates, SLS, synthetic fragrance

Parabens, Phthalates, SLS, synthetic fragrance text

Animal test free

Animal test free text

Developed in Slovenia

Developed in Slovenia text

Environmentally friendly packaging

Environmentally friendly packaging text

Normal skin

What is a normal skin type?

Normal skin type is characterized by clean, soft, elastic and smooth skin without dry sections and no or almost none wrinkles.

How to take care of normal skin?

Normal skin is desired by many and taking care of it is most simple. It is best to use cosmetics with natural ingredients that do not contain parabens, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, SLS and so on.

It is advisable to do a peeling once or twice a month which properly removes clogs of the pores, dead cells in the upper layer of skin and accelerates the natural regeneration of cells.

Use body-moisturizing cosmetics after bath. A cream and lotion should hydrate the skin and ensure proper fortification. During sunny days it is best to use cosmetics with UV protection. 

Taking care of your skin daily will help it to be smooth, soft and well nourished.

MIRATI Body Lotion is a unique combination of organic Ghee butter, organic Aloe Vera, essential oil of honeysuckle and extra vitamin E as an anti-oxidant. MIRATI Body Lotion will help your skin be well hydrated and soft. 

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