About us

Great quality, unique and hydrating cosmetics that take excellent care of your skin.

Developed with love in Slovenia.


We seek our ingredients around the whole world. Realizing the potential of different plants and essential oils, our products are made from plants grown in the Mediterranean, America, AustraliaSouth East Asia. Certified organic ghee comes from trusted partners in India. 

MIRATI started with a realization of the unique health properties of ghee. Majority of cosmetics have a cream base, which is essentially made of oil and water. Ghee, or clarified butter, takes this process two steps further – firstly, the butter is produced from cream, then it is clarified, leaving out all the water and milk, purifying the butter and ensuring that only the qualities essential to caring for your skin remain. 

We are committed to bringing you the highest quality cosmetic products made from natural ingredients and combined into a unique formula. All our cosmetics (from body lotions to washes and creams) moisturize and treat your skin with essential vitamins and nutrients that help it to be beautiful and healthy.  

After two years of research, development, careful selection of the ingredients, formulations and feedback, we are happy to present to you our first six unique products. 

Based in Slovenia, the sunny side of the Alps, our products are filled with love for nature and natural beauty. We believe that personal care can be natural, healthy and great for your skin. Enjoy MIRATI! 


MIRATI Cosmetics take roots from the fusion of Mediterranean and Asian traditions. The brand merges Slovenian attitude to healthy lifestyle, Mediterranean climate mixed with Alpine air, and Asian understanding of the benefits of plants, herbs and animals 

We believe that what is taken from nature must always be given back. Only those ingredients which nature gifted us plentifully with are selected and processed with minimum waste. Also our jars, tubes and bottles are recyclable and eco-friendly, so that when you finish using the product you can recycle it safely.  

Ingredients are carefully selected to direct the forces of Nature to help you feel great, beautiful and healthy. Let us all share what nature has given us and all be a part of the Earth’s processes. Let the reciprocal cycle continue!  

Giving back

MIRATI is committed to give at least 10 % of our profit to good causes. 

Causes & charities you select receive a donation made possible by your purchase.

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